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Our Landscaping, Hardscaping, Lighting and Irrigation Services are available in almost every Dallas Fort Worth Community.

Our Mowing Service Program based out of Las Colinas has expanded into Coppell, Southlake and North Dallas over the past 20 years.

Call 214.869.3210 to see how we can help meet your needs with the services we offer in your community.

Annual Lawncare Program

Includes mowing, edging and weedeating all turf areas. Also includes routine weedeating of groundcovers, mechanical and/or chemical removal of weeds growing in cement, and power blowing all paved surfaces. Shrub Pruning - Includes a combination of hand pruning and pruning with powered hedgetrimmers. Shrubs are selectively pruned based on plant type and amount of growth.

Landscape Design/Installation

Involves a site evaluation with special attention paid to existing site influences and user needs. Then plants are carefully selected based on a variety of factors and desired effect, and are then incorporated into the landscape design. Lastly, plant materials are installed.

Irrigation installation & repair

We inspect your system to ensure proper coverage of your sprinklers and have highly knowledgeable and experienced techs to repair any issues you may have while helping you maximize the use of one of our most precious resources. All repairs are billed based on an hourly rate plus any necessary parts. We also provide drip irrigation systems keeping an eye on this growing and maturing sector of the irrigation industry's future.

Stonework / Hardscape

Including, but not limited to: patios, walkways, flower beds, retaining walls and fireplaces.

Arbors & decks / Hardscape

Either open (slatted) roofed arbors, closed roofed arbors to match your homes existing roofing and wooden decks using high grade cedar with stain of your choice.

Outdoor lighting & L.E.D. Lighting

Utilizing the latest in LED technology, we can transform your outdoor living areas and landscape into an enchanting experience while helping you protect your property from unwanted intruders and allow you, your family and guests to navigate your property with ease and safety.

Christmas Lighting

Installation of commercial grade holiday lights of every conceivable size, shape, or figure. We also offer a variety of wreaths, garlands, and free-standing decorations.

Ornamental & Shade Tree Pruning

Performed for plant health and aesthetics. Considerations may also involve public safety concerns or plant disease.


Chemical grade slow-release nitrogen fertilizers. Nutrient ratios are selected based on turf needs and seasonal considerations. Three applications are recommended.

Bed Weeding

Includes mechanical cultivation and chemical methods in removing weeds from flower beds.

Sod Installation

Includes soil preparation and high quality turf sod such as Bermuda, St. Augustine, Zoysia, Buffalograss and others.

Turfgrass Seeding

Lawn scalp and overseeding with chosen seed variety. Includes Winter Rye, Fescue, and Bermuda.

Turf/Ornamental Disease Control

Spray Application to control various diseases in the landscape.


Granular application of commercial grade preventative product for pre-germination control of most varieties of undesirable weeds in turf or flower beds (separate application). This service is indispensable for quality turf and 2 applications are recommended for year-round control.


Liquid spray application of herbicide to control post-germinated weeds.

Grubworm Insecticide

Application to eliminate sub-surface feeding grubworms.

Surface-Feeding Insecticide

Application to eliminate surface-feeding insects such as chinch bugs, army worms, and various other damaging pests.

Ornamental Insecticide Control

Spray application to control unacceptable levels of pest populations.

Landscape Management


MetroTexLandscapeManagement Pruning, Hedging, Cleaning & aesthetically pleasing outdoor environments


MetroTexLandscapeManagement Dandelion Elimination & weed control


MetroTexLandscapeManagement Caterpillars Elimination insect & disease control

Sprinkler Systems

MetroTexLandscapeManagement Sprinkler Systems Irrigation System Installation Repair & Maintenance

Christmas Lights

MetroTexLandscapeManagement Christmas Lighting & Outdoor Lighting Installation, Repair, Maintenance & L.E.D. replacement LED electricity cost savings